a-Gate - Multifunction data receiver

a-Gate - Multifunction data receiver

Multifunction data receiver a-Gate it is a platform for the data reception and sending, with the wire less sensors (wSensor SR), with the temperature, humidity aplications etc., in places where is necessary the data recording and sending information with wire less sensors.

Multifunction data receiver a-Gate can be installed into the cabin of the vehicle or when arrives to arrival's office, when the wSensor SR it is near to the receptor a-Gate (max.30m), the recordin mesuraments are going to send a safe server of internet, in a real time or in case that the a-Gate stay into the cabin of the vehicle, the information it is in real time long the way.

The a are saved automaticaly in a safe data base of internet, by GSM. The user can read the data directly from the data base, it means that is not necessary comunicate directly withthe Multifunction data receiver a-Gate, saving time. The server campare the preset limits, if the values exceeded, the System send an alarm via SMS or e-mail reporting the incidence.


  • > Logystics sector
    • > Transport of refrigerated products
    • > Transport of frozen products
  • > Pharmaceutical sector
    • > Transport of pharmaceutical products
  • > Catering industry
    • > Caterings companies


  • > Data transfer through GPRS messages (remote control)
  • > Sending messages and preset alarms via SMS or e-mail
  • > Gateway a-Gate reads unlimited of wSensor SR
  • > Each wSensor SR can Store 1.680 mesurements
  • > The registration period of wSensor can be ajusted from 8 seconds to several hours (a measurement period means two weeks of registration)
  • > A wSensor SR can be register between 1 and 4 differents variables (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • > The internal bateries of wSensor SR, have a long life from 3 to 8 years (depending on the mesurement interval)

The wSensor SR sensors can be register :

  • > Wind variables indoor of the vehicle cabin
    • > Temperature
    • > Humidity
    • > Client defined the variables

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