C10 CLEANTECH currently manages:

Chargestorm (Sweden)

Intelligent charging system for electric vehicles, comprising a network of recharging posts that are controlled by a unit that manages the intelligent recharge themselves by preventing surges occur in the facility, while reporting to a website all information concerning the charge (per vehicle consumption, remaining time, cost). Web portal is accessed with a password and can be performed at the client.

A-lab (Finland)

Equipment for measuring environmental variables, data recording and management via the Internet.

- Wireless Weather Stations, and easy to install, which collect information and provide 'on line' data collected in real time, visible in the web portal service through a unique password for the user. You can also receive alarms on your smart phone, (soil moisture sensors, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, pest detection, etc.).

- Probes and sensors for measurements of tidal capacity of wetlands, water composition, ability to containers with liquid, and so on.

- System measurement and control of temperature and humidity sensors that collect and send data wirelessly via radio waves to a receiver that manages data and sends them to the Web site and using a password, the user can access the data and make the right decisions.